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Southern California Flagpole Company was started in 1963 out of the need for a supplier as there wasn't one out there dealing directly with distribution of  flagpoles. Owner and founder, Fred Vallee, was then working for a contracting company painting poles. While working there he learned how to climb and maintain poles. In the early days of the company he himself climbed flagpoles up to 60 feet tall when the job called for it, which is not an easy task. Southern California Flagpole still remains to be a niche business but never the less, honest and proud. From the day the business started up till early 2015, Fred worked everyday, rain or shine. Since a long deserved retirement, the company is being looked after and run by his nephew Steve Vallee. The company remains in the same location as when it first started and with the same hardworking intentions as ever.


We look forward to doing business with you.


Fred Vallee

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